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  • Office Air Conditioning Maintenance
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Air Conditioning System Maintenance.

Under the Fgas regulations you have obligations regarding the operation and maintenance of your air conditioning system. The regulations are complex and getting more complicated ever year, but we can guide you through regulations which apply to you and keep your Fgas Register up to date.

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In short, if you are an owner or operator of any air conditioning system you have obligations regarding the maintenance and repair, regardless of its size. In addition any system which holds 3 kg - 30 kg of refrigerant, must be regularly maintained and must have a yearly leak test. If the system has 30 kg - 300 kg it must leak test twice a year and units with 300 kg or more, four times a year.

As an owner or operator regardless of the size of the unit you are obligated to make sure any person servicing or carrying out repairs to your system holds the correct Fgas certification, and you must keep records of any maintenance, repair works, or refrigerant loss. For system which come into the 3 kg - 30 kg bracket, the one visit a year is to basically to check for refrigerant loss or a potential loss if the future, and is the minimum to keep you compliant.

However if your system is used regularly, you should have additional inspections, which will improve the performance and efficiency of the system. We are able to offer tailor made Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts to suit your needs and guide you through the regulations making sure you are compliant. We can keep your Fgas records up to date, and ensure that your systems are always working at their optimum performance.

If your system suffers from any of the following, your system would be improved with a more intensive maintenance regimen.

  • Poor airflow
  • Stale odour’s
  • Loss of performance
  • Dirty appearance
  • Freezing up
  • Leaking water
  • Nuisance alarms
  • Increased energy bills

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"A firm is as good as the person or persons they send to do the job, these guys have been excellent. The installation when well with them doing everything to fit in with the school time table and the maintenance has been great. I very much would recommend GW Air Conditioning Ltd."

- Stephen Adamson, St Nicholas School Purley Surrey
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